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Flexible copper-clad laminates
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Our main products are polyimide(PI) film based 3 layers Flexible Copper Clad Laminate(3L-FCCL),also known as Copper Clad Laminate with adhesive.

Product Specifications:
Base Film: PI (Polyimide) film
Thickness of PI: 0.5/1mil (12.5/25um)
Thickness of copper foil: 12um-35um
Construction: Single/Double-sided
* Halogen-free 
* Excellent dip soldering resistance
* High bond and peel strength
* Good chemical resistance
* Good dimensional stability
* Excellent dielectric properties
* Good flammability and UL94 V-0

FCCL with polyimide basilemma has the advantages of thin, light and flexible. Besides, it also has excellent heat resistance, good electrical performance, thermal performance characteristics. Its low dielectric constant (Dk) makes the transmission of electrical signals to get faster. Good thermal performance can make the cooling of the components easily. High glass transition temperature (Tg) components may be running at higher temperatures. Due to FCCL products  being provided by rolls, which is easy to implement FPC automatic continuous production and electronic components none-stop installing on FPC surface.